Business Intelligence System

In a global, complex and unstable world where the pace of change is high and competition is challenging, change will often be unexpected and unwanted.

Changing conditions require rapid adaptation to the new conditions. Fast adaptation in turn requires early warning to identify threats and opportunities in time.

This is created using the process skills of business intelligence, Business Intelligence System (BIS)

BIS is a system and a method that will provide the right information in time to the right people and that will make the world more comprehensible.
BIS is an important support system for leading change.


Those who have an information advantage and analytical capacity have a substantial lead over their competitors. "the prepared win."

Working with the BI process is 25% of a technical nature (collection of raw data), the remaining 75% consists of an educational and psychological process in which reality is outlined, analyzed and handled by consequences, plans and strategies.

Pilot Konsult has unique and effective tools, methods and means for creating a real process of competence of the company's managers and management team for BIS.

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