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Margareta Hjelmqvist

   Pilot Facilitator   

Favorite Quote: "The most important things in life are seen not with the eyes but with the heart"
The Little Prince. Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Background and experience:
I am a licensed psychologist with many years in the profession and the psychology of occupational life as main area. I have mainly worked within the armed forces, in particular with the recruiting and following up of military and civilian pilots and future leaders.

My years of experience and many meetings with people in different situations have led to an attitude focusing on the individual, where caution and respect for the person’s situation are important guidelines.

What I like and are good at:
I particularly enjoy contributing to the individual’s development through coaching, mentorship and giving support in difficult situations. My goal in this area is both simple and complicated: to, in these times when psychological exhaustion is becoming more and more common, give power and inspiration so that people’s souls last as long as their bodies.

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